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We set ourselves apart from the fact that our highest priority is improving our students’ results. We never forget that our goal is to maximise our students' ATAR, and we are dedicated to achieving this end.

Our best aspects set us apart from the rest:

  • Our teachers are dedicated to our students, teaching them the ins and outs of everything they need to know for their exams.
  • Our small classes mean that students are given individual attention.
  • We also teach you important skills like exam technique, how to structure answers properly and useful shortcuts to improve your speed.

We can tell you more, but why don’t we show you? The best way for you to decide whether to choose Dux College is to attend a Free Trial lesson. Call us to book!

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to the success of our students.

Experts in their fields

We only hire teachers who know their stuff inside out! All members of our teaching staff are of a university level or beyond. This ensures that our teachers will never come across something they do not fully understand on the HSC level.

Effective communicators

Our teachers are not only experts in their field, but they are also excellent teachers. They can explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, without sacrificing technical accuracy. This is highly important, because students need to genuinely understand (not memorise) in order to score Band 6 / E4.

Even the most shy students gain the confidence to ask questions in class, because our teachers make our classes fun and engaging.

Regular feedback for students

Our teachers will ensure our students are continually improving, by providing regular feedback to students about how they can improve. Unlike some other tutoring colleges, our teachers always fully mark each week's homework, with full comments every time a question is not perfectly answered.

Our teachers even help our students while at home! Students are able to ask any question from school or our homework on our student forums, and receive instant help from their class teacher, without needing to wait until next class.

Comprehensive Tuition

Our students understand, not memorise.

Aim for Band 6 / E4

To score a Band 6 / E4 (the highest bands), students actually need to understand every concept required by the syllabus. They simply can’t rely on memorisation.

We hold this attitude very firmly in the way we teach our students. Our teachers will teach our students until they understand the underlying principles behind any concept, and we simply do not settle for any less.

Perfect Exam Technique

Understanding the theory is most of the work, but exam execution is an important skill in itself. Our course programs also cater for this aspect of the HSC. Our teachers are experts at HSC exams, how they are marked, and how to best answer all types of questions.

Our students will receive plenty of practice in doing HSC style questions. Each week’s homework is structured like actual HSC questions, and our teachers will mark them as if they were HSC questions. So after a few terms with us, our students would have done hundreds of HSC style questions!

During review classes, we also provide practice HSC exams for homework (written by our teachers), preparing students for the real thing long before it comes.

The Best Notes

Our learning materials comprehensively address every possible requirement of the syllabus. They are also structured in an easy to read format.

HSC English

Our English notes are geared towards preparing students for the paramount goal of being able to craft a Band 6 essay in their exams. We provide comprehensive analysis on specific prescribed texts, showing students explicitly what is significant in each part of their texts and how to apply them to exam questions.

Students are also given plenty of model answers to demonstrate the standard required of them in different types of exam questions. Students are shown how to respond in order to most efficiently fulfil the requirements of the marking criteria.

HSC Mathematics

We know learning maths is very different to other subjects. Maths techniques are learnt through example and demonstration more often than pure theory alone.

Our tutors are exceptional individuals - experts in their field, experts at the HSC, and expert communicators.

Our maths notes are structured by providing a theoretical explanation, followed by many examples with solutions, covering all concepts required in the syllabus.

Examples are carefully designed to illustrate all possible ways a type of question can be asked, minimising the chance our students are caught off-guard by an unfamiliar type of question. Homework questions are always written in the same style as the type students encounter in exams.

See samples

HSC Sciences

Our HSC sciences (e.g. Chemistry and Physics) materials are structured according to syllabus dot-points. This ensures the entire syllabus is covered comprehensively, leaving nothing unseen before the exam.

Simple concepts are covered briefly, and harder concepts are explored into greater detail. Sections of the syllabus that are likely to come up in an essay-style question will be covered in depth, exploring different aspects of discussion and perspectives. This highly targeted approach ensures our students undergo the most efficient and effective way to study.

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Integrity in everything we do

We strongly believe that a successful business can only be sustainable if it treats its customers fairly and with honesty. We take our feedback very seriously, and are always trying our best to do the best for our students.

Read our testimonials to see some of our past students and parents that have been happy with our service in the past.

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