Testimonials from past students

"Lessons are organised and their way of teaching is easy to understand. Everything is explained clearly, and questions are answered properly too. I learnt more from here than at school, and the methods taught here are better and easier to use and understand than those taught at school. Highly recommended!


By the way, thank you very much! I did much better at Maths than I thought I would."


-Anh Nguyen, Sefton High School



"I was one of those students who was never motivated to do any maths, but when I began tutoring, this was not hte case. Our tutor is really dedicated to all her students and always took the time to explain various mathematical concepts that I didn't understand. Even if I needed to go through a solution multiple times, she was always very understanding and patient! I can honestly say that I only expected a Band 5 for Extension Maths, but thanks to your tuition and my own motivation to succeed, I was able to achieve a Band 6 in my HSC."


-Phuong Vu, Sefton High School



"Throughout high school, I have always been an English person whilst finding Maths very difficult to understand. Whilst doing the HSC, I had tutoring for several weeks and noticed a significant improvement towards understanding the course. Our class tutor helped me understand topics I had found difficult (e.g. Motion), covering the basics first and then moving onto harder questions. My knowledge about these harder topics quickly improved and I was able to grasp certain formulae and ideas. I also received many past papers which I found very useful. Before tutoring, my exam marks for Mathematics Extension 1 were less than satisfactory but after her lessons I noticed that they increased dramatically. I was also very satisfied with my HSC mark!"


-Anthony Yeoh, Girraween High School



"I had a great tutor who provides us with notes and similar HSC questions which again helps in our practice. Not only that, but I also found a great improvement in my result. My tutor was always available to provide online help, which I find great because we can ask her questions straight away if we have any problems."


-Lipika Grover, Arthur Phillip High School



Testimonials"I just wanted to write and thank you for tutoring me in Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2. I have just received my HSC results and I received 95 in Extension 1 and 92 in Extension 2, with an overall UAI of 98.40. I was able to achieve these results only through my tutor's skilled coaching. My tutor explained concepts in such a straightforward way that it was easy to understand and grasp. The online service was great as I was able to contact my tutors with problems as and when I needed.


Once again, thank you so much for your help.


-Amanda Liu, Casula High School



"Class was eventful, interesting and well structured, although homework can be difficult and demanding at times, it allows one's own potential to come out and reveals an individual's ability to realise that they can make it if they try. My tutor was kind, well-spirited and cheerful, and not only helps you in tutor-time as your teacher, but is a friend in all circumstances."


-Jayson Portillo, Christian Community High School



"The lessons are great, I understand the content quickly and the teacher makes it easy to understand."


-Stephanie Tang, Sefton High School



"My teacher was very patient, informed and took time and care to explain each topic with depth. The theory was taught in depth with a variety of examples. My teacher also helped us with homework difficulties online and during the lesson, and managed to make the class feel relaxed and unintimidated throughout the year.


The lessons were great because the pace was steadya dn consistent, and I've learnt much without feeling under pressure."


-Katrina Lee, Mary Mackillop College



"Our class tutor Jacqui was exceptional. She explains the harder mathematical concepts well and the questions she does in class are very challenging, which makes other question relatively easy. The amount of homework set also allows good practice of topics. The online forum is an excellent tool as it holds a huge amount of resources in a variety of subjects and many past papers. It was helpful in answering questions urgently in between lessons. Our tutors were extremely helpful as they were willing to answer any question at any time."


-Nidhin Thomas, Ryde Secondary College



"Our tutor Jacqui was willing to repetitively reinforce the same concepts for us. Her enthusiasm and commitment in ensuring that her students receive the best education is priceless. Words can never yet describe the edifying atmosphere of the classroom! Homework that is set and marked really helped students reach their potential. Overall, time in class was unforgettable."


-Vanessa Kong, Burwood Girls High School


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