HSC Trials and the HSC Exams - Exam Preparation

With most students having their HSC trials coming within a week or two, and with the actual HSC exams coming within a few weeks, good exam preparation skills are important if you want to ace your exams! We've posted a short article offering some general tips on what you can do to help yourself through this stressful period.

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HSC Scaling and Its Importance

HSC scaling is a popular topic to HSC students and parents, and is often an area that is commonly misunderstood. Scaling is important as it affects all students aspiring to get into university after the HSC. A commonly misunderstood concept is the relationship between HSC marks and scaled marks.

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Website glitch now fixed

In the last couple of days, you may have had trouble accessing this site. The issues have now been fixed.

Please report all website issues to:

Why Choose HSC Chemistry?

HSC Chemistry is one of the most rewarding HSC subjects you can choose. In terms of scaling, Chemistry has consistently been the highest scaled HSC science course, compared to Physics and Biology.

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Developing Good Study Habits For Your HSC

Good study habits are essential to improving your HSC exam marks and achieving your highest potential UAI. There is such a thing as a healthy amount of study. Read on what are the most common bad habits during study, how to be self disciplined, how to keep yourself motivated and much more.

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The importance of tutoring

Our tutors discusses the importance of tutoring and the role it plays in helping you get the UAI you want.

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Classes start

Classes start on the 7th of February 2009 for Term 1. If you enrol in the middle of term, your term fee will be in proportion to the number of remaining weeks.

Tips on Maths Extension 2

Ever wondered how to get a raw mark of above 100/120 for Extension 2? This week we shed some insight on what it takes to get a state ranking for Extension 2.

How HSC Scaling works

There are no secrets to scaling. All the information that can be known on the subject of scaling is publicly available, and anyone trying to sell this knowlegde to you aren't being upfront about it. There is a wealth of knowledge floating around on the internet about the subjects of scaling, aligning and moderation, some accurate and some mis-information.

Our teaching staff has kindly put together some helpful articles on these subjects free for all to read. We go into some detail on the mathematical principles behind each process and why they necessary for a fair HSC. The bottom line is that knowledge of scaling, while interesting, will not help you in your own HSC (unless you are in year 10 or below, and have not yet selected your subjects) because the entire effect of scaling is predetermined once you've selected your subjects for Preliminary.

Articles on HSC scaling and other processes

HSC Scaling and how it works

Moderation process for internal assessment

How HSC marks are aligned

Scaling and Subject selection (for those who need to choose subjects for year 11)

HSC Scaling statistics (including recent scaling reports and Tables published by the UAC)

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