Now offering Accelerated HSC Maths (2 unit)

We have a course that's specifically designed to help accelerated 2 unit Maths students make the most of their accelerated subject. This course moves at a slightly faster pace compared to the normal 2 unit course, and has a greater focus on exam technique, assessment format, how to structure your questions etc. All other students in this course are also accelerants like yourself, and most of our accelerated students will go on to do Extension 1 & 2 maths in year 12.

For full course details, click here.

Parramatta Year 10 timetable is now finalised

Our Parramatta branch's year 10 timetable has how been finalised.

Please click here for our Parramatta timetable. 

Summer Holiday Courses

Dux College is offering short holiday courses in January for Year 12 HSC students for the following subjects:

Click here for more information.




9:30am – 1:30pm

(with short break)


2:30pm – 6:30pm

(with short break)

Saturday, 16th January

Physics (part I)



Maths Extension I (part I)

Sunday, 17th January

Physics (part II)



Maths Extension I (part II)

Saturday, 23rd January

Chemistry (part I)

Maths Extension II (part I)


(2 unit)

(part I)

Sunday, 24th January

Chemistry (part II)

Maths Extension II (part II)


(2 unit)

(part II)

Dux College is coming to Parramatta!

Dux College Parramatta BranchStudents and parents asked for it, and we take their feedback very seriously, so here it is!

We are excited to announce that Dux College's second branch is opening in Parramatta from January 2010!

As we are not a franchise company, you can expect the same high standards of service, teaching and support from us at our new branch.

The branch will be ready for Term 1 of 2010, so Year 10, 11 and 12 looking to start in 2010 should contact us.

Our Parramatta branch will be located at:


30 Cowper St,

Parramatta NSW 2150


Our Parramatta branch features:

  • A 5 minute walk from Parramatta station

  • Ample unmetered street parking and drop-off areas for parents

  • New office building premises

  • Contact us for a Free Trial lesson at our new branch today!

Special offer!

Receive 20% off your Term 1 fees!

Enrol for Term 1 of 2010 at our Parramatta branch and receive 20% off your Term 1 fees! To secure this offer, you will need to pay a $200 deposit by the 23rd of December 2009. You are welcome to come for a Free Trial lesson at our first branch in Fairfield before deciding whether to enrol.

This offer is extended to new students only. Existing students can elect to transfer to the new branch at no cost. 

Term 4 2009 starts this week

Term 4 startsTerm 4 of 2009 commences on the 24th and 25th of October, this coming weekend. The term will be 8 weeks long. We will commence our year 12 programs for all Maths, Physics and Chemistry in this term. Year 10 mathematics and science courses will be doing more advanced topics in this term.

Good luck to all of our students!

Year 12 content starts next week

HSC course starts next weekOur Preliminary Physics and Chemistry courses will progress onto the HSC course starting next week (12-13 Sept 09) where we begin the first HSC modules of Physics and Chemistry.

For more information, see our course outlines on the following pages:

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Mastering HSC Chemistry and Physics Exams

HSC Chemistry and Physics exams are structured as 3 hour exams, with 5 minutes reading time.In this short article, we will outline some strategies to do HSC Physics and Chemistry exam.

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Doing Well in HSC Maths

Whether you do 2 unit, Maths Extension 1, or Maths Extension 2, doing well in HSC mathematics requires a similar strategy. In this article, we will briefly look at what makes a successful HSC maths student, as well as some exam preparation techniques which would be relevant to students today, as most have their all-important HSC trials and HSC exams coming up in the next few weeks.

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Term 3 2009 start dates
  • Next week will be the final week for Term 2, which will end on the 12th of July (Sunday).
  • Students will receive a 1 week holiday before the start of Term 3, 2009.
  • Term 3, 2009 starts on the 25th of July (Saturday).
  • Term 3 of 2009 is the final term for year 11. Term 4 of 2009 will be the first term of year 12.
  • Term 3 of 2009 is also the final term for year 12.
Enrol early and get a head start!

Enrolling with us early allows you to gain a valuable advantage over your friends at school. This allows you to:

  1. Improve your Internal Assessment Rank
  2. Learn faster than your peers, allowing for more time for revision and refining exam technique
  3. Be well prepared for your assessments and exams!
New students discount

Now is a good time to contact us about enrolling! We offer a 10% discount to all new students who enrol and pay before the 15th of August.

ATAR to Replace All UAI's

The UAC announced earlier this month that the UAI system will be replaced by the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). The conversion of UAI to ATAR aligns NSW's system of measuring HSC performance for the purpose of university admissions to that of other states. The ATAR will replace all UAI's, starting with the year 12 students in 2009, and will be a rank-based score out of 99.95 (instead of 100.00).

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General Maths is now offered!
Year 12 General Maths now offered on Saturdays 4pm to 6pm. Year 11 General Maths first class will start on week 1 of Term 3.
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Year 10 classes now offered on both Saturdays and Sundays
Year 10 Mathematics and English now offered on Saturdays and Sundays at Parramatta. Check timetable!
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Term 2 start and end dates
Term 2 starts on April 18th and ends June 28th - need additional support for your final half of the HSC? call for help!
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