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Term courses

Our Term Courses are our main offering. Each course covers their entire subject comprehensively from the ground up. It is highly recommended that you start with us early to gain a solid foundation of core principles

  • We accept enrolments all-year round
  • Classes are 2 hours per week for all subjects (except Mathematics Extension 2, which is 3 hours per week).
  • Maths Extension 1 and 2 includes all units (e.g. no need to enrol in 2 unit and Extension 1 if you do Extension 1)
  • Before you decide to enrol, attend a Free Trial lesson. Call us to book your attendance!
Learning Materials

Theory booklets are given in each class.

Our materials are comprehensive, well-structured and easy to read summary notes which cover the entire subject, going into detail and depth where necessary.

For example, our Mathematics notes explain concepts through a concise theoretical explanation, followed by many worked examples. We believe mathematics is best learnt through example and demonstration. The included examples are carefully designed to illustrate all the possible ways an exam question can be structured, in order to minimise the chance our students will be caught off-guard in an actual exam.

Our Physics and Chemistry notes explain each syllabus dot-point in detail, covering the entire syllabus. Topics that are likely to be tested in harder essay-type questions in exams are covered in greater detail than others, and analysis will be provided on the relevant discussion points, issues, aspects, arguments and perspectives. This prepares our students for harder exam questions that may be worth 7 marks, such as ‘Assess’ or ‘Evaluate’ type questions.

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Homework is also given in each class.

Our homework questions are structured like real HSC exam questions, and are marked like HSC questions. Our homework questions are designed to test every possible HSC keyword, ranging from the basic ones: ‘identify’, ‘describe’, ‘explain’, to the more multifaceted ones: ‘discuss’, ‘evaluate’, ‘assess’. After a few terms with us, our students would have done literally hundreds of HSC style questions, preparing them for the real thing from early on.

Homework is always fully marked by your class teacher, unlike some other places. Every time a question is not answered 100% correctly, our teachers will provide full comments on where marks were lost and how to improve on the answer.

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Students are also able to ask their class teacher questions on our student forum, while they are at home.

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General Maths is now offered!
Year 12 General Maths now offered on Saturdays 4pm to 6pm. Year 11 General Maths first class will start on week 1 of Term 3.
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Year 10 classes now offered on both Saturdays and Sundays
Year 10 Mathematics and English now offered on Saturdays and Sundays at Parramatta. Check timetable!
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Term 2 start and end dates
Term 2 starts on April 18th and ends June 28th - need additional support for your final half of the HSC? call for help!
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